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Trailer Bayhem
By Robert Basler on 2014-12-14 00:12:19
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I watched a ton of RTS game trailers last week trying to figure out what elements people might expect in the trailer for Miranda. Besides a bunch of prerendered stuff that I'm not going to do, what I saw were a lot of explosions, some simple vehicle physics, and a lot of weapon effects that leave trails of smoke. That's not too bad a list.


I attended a presentation a while back on the effects in some huge franchise and they taught me that for explosions, the more elements you have, the more interesting the explosions look.

Michael Bay puts some pretty impressive explosions in his movies, so I spent some time analyzing the explosions in the four Transformers movies this week. In Transformers 4 one of the signature elements in the explosions is sprays of sparks.


In Miranda I implemented this as a particle emitter that emits 1-n key sparks, then each key spark travels in a ballistic arc emitting more spark particles in a trail.

Another common feature of Transformers explosions is a spark with trailing smoke. That should only take a little art time now that I have the sparks working. The original Transformers movie mostly featured sprays of dust, maybe I'll add those too.

One other improvement this week for my superweapon explosion effects is audio propogation delay so the boom and camera shake don't occur until a couple seconds after the flash (depending on distance from the explosion.) I was really surprised that OpenAL didn't do that for me.

If you look closely at that shot you'll notice that the buildings and vehicles are now tinted with my selected color and there's a new level progress bar along the very bottom. I also fixed a dozen bugs.

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