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Full Indie Demo Night 3
By Robert Basler on 2015-12-16 23:55:03
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com

I demoed Miranda at Full Indie at The Pint Public House tonight. I nearly missed the start of the meet because the parkade I usually park in was undergoing renovations and had only TWO non-reserved parking spots (which were full.) I then tried the mall parking ($16!) then the T&T grocery store parking (1 hour max - no signs to that effect anywhere) then finally I parked on the street for $6. If you were at the meet you got to see the raw video I've put together so far for the trailer - quite a few people loved the idea of Mansion sur Mont. I also had a number of people come up who have seen Miranda before and were impressed with the game's progress. I am quite encouraged that nearly everyone asked about public playtesting.

As is always the case, the first guy who tried the game hit the one big UI bug I've been putting off fixing. Luckily only one other player tonight hit it.

I was pleasantly surprised to have someone come up and correctly guess the provenance of the game's name. I shared a couple of the easter eggs in the game with him.

As always, I learned some valuable things from watching people play. The first is that I'm going to need to add the Starcraft style (left mouse selects, right mouse attacks) controls in addition to the classic Command & Conquer style (left mouse selects, left mouse attacks) that I prefer. For about half the people who took the helm, their expectation was Starcraft controls.

The other big lesson is that people click a lot more than me when moving units. Several people would click on a unit, then start clicking all over the terrain. What I realized after watching a couple of people do this is that visual and audible feedback for actions is needed when the action doesn't happen right away. With Miranda's pathfinding, units wait half a second after the player selects the destination before the unit starts to move. This gives the pathfinder time to calculate the path and send it to other players so that units start moving at the same time for all players. Other RTS games have a similar delay, but when the player clicks on the destination the game says "moving out" and plays a little click animation. The plan has always been to have that feedback, but with that not in yet, players would repeatedly tell the unit to move to different locations before it had a chance to start moving, resulting in no movement at all. I'll be adding that audible and visual feedback sooner rather than later.

Thanks to everyone who came out to tell me what they think of the game so far. Your help is invaluable.

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