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The Imperial Realm::Miranda Pre-Alpha 4
By Robert Basler on 2016-01-15 16:36:34
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com

Pre-Alpha 4 is the first release of The Imperial Realm::Miranda with two of the four planned factions: Empire and Independent, so pick a side and get hunting. If you were following along on Twitter last week, you would have seen renders of a lot of the new units for the Empire faction, but here's a screenshot of all the new models.

[The Imperial Faction.]

New in this Release

  • New Empire Faction: 70 Components and 34 Standard Unit Designs.
  • Enhanced combat visuals, new weapon and explosion effects.
  • Map rendering improved and UI reworked to support mouse drag.
  • Shader support for Intel GPUs.
  • The Capital City can now be found in the north-east.
  • New Sky and clouds.
  • New Sell and Repair cursors, plus map scrolling arrows and clicking animations.
  • New Field of View setting on the off chance Miranda makes people motion-sick.
  • Can now zoom UI with Ctrl-+ and Ctrl--
  • 184 Changes & Bugfixes

All of the units' weapons damage and effectiveness statistics, as well as speed and unit health are in and ready for testing. Particle effects for moving units are looking a lot better, no more giant clouds of smoke when units start up. Pathing is generally looking a lot better with the elimination of the crazy steering bugs. Vendors have had several nice usability improvements. I'm hoping you'll feel the game is overall less glitchy.

[Pre-Alpha 4 Imperial Attack.]

Known Issues

  • If you log out without a construction yard, there is no way to lay your base out the next time you log in. All you can do is sell everything.
  • Once created, it is impossible to tell what type of infantry an infantry unit is - even for the owner.
  • Most units' special abilities are not implemented.
  • Some faster units still need their turning rates tweaked which results in units missing their target then looping back around to park.
  • Fence layout is broken. They function as barriers, but it is impossible to make them pretty.
  • Occasional GPU hangs on AMD GPUs.
  • Some of the new unit models are causing lower framerates and long rubber-band-select times.

I wiped the database again (should be the last time) so testers will have to recreate their account using the Secret Lair Code received previously.

By Robert Basler on 2016-01-15 16:47:40
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com
I forgot to mention, testers don't need to do anything special to get going, just run Miranda and it will patch to the new build. (As long as you have Pre-Alpha 2 or later. If you have Pre-Alpha 1 you will need to run miranda_setup.exe.)

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