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Fixin' Bugs
By Robert Basler on 2016-08-14 11:29:43
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com

Another exciting week of load testing and fixing bugs. The good news is that all but one were client bugs - the server was super-stable all week.

[Terrain Builder Tool]

I got a third test PC this week and was able to push the server past 60 users. I decided it was time to up the ante and turn unit movement back on for load testing. I fixed the couple of bugs that immediately showed up, but with everything working good I enabled the profiler on the server and discovered that the pathing, collision and movement code is still way too slow to support 1000 players per server.

I spent two days trying to figure out the worst bug I've had in years. The program was so messed up that the debugger couldn't even help. Then it simply vanished. I didn't fix anything - it just went away. That is a little worrying.

Weirdest bug of the week happened when the nginx web server sent 27K of zeros instead of the terrain data it was supposed to send. That made the game crash. The upside of that bug is that now Miranda validates every file it downloads.

A nice bug I fixed made the terrain data a bit smaller - always a plus for a game with a streaming world. The terrain data contains a polygon mesh which helps units navigate. Anywhere in the world it is safe to drive has a polygon on it. Where units can travel from one polygon to an adjacent polygon are what are called portals. If the portal between the two polygons is large enough, the unit can pass through that portal to the next polygon. It turns out I was adding 0 length portals where polygons abutted without actually overlapping so I got rid of all of those.

Had to make a list of my all-time favourite games this week, it turns out my favourite game is Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger. What can I say, the Wing Commander games were huge family events when they came out.

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