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New Package Features & Last Chance to Save 50% Off The Imperial Realm::Miranda
By Robert Basler on 2017-09-20 23:28:42
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com

It's not too often I get to make a Venn diagram, but here it is:

[After everything I read about crowdfunding, this result was surprising.]

That outcome is not optimal. To encourage more players to try the Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, Co-Op Standard Edition, and the Co-Op Deluxe Edition, I'm changing those Editions to offer weekend playtime starting immediately.

Because the server works on GMT, the "weekend" is from 12:00am Saturday morning to Sunday night 12:00pm GMT, so for me in the Pacific time zone, the "weekend" runs from Friday 5pm to Sunday 5pm. Those editions will still receive unlimited playtime at the same time as they did before.

I have always planned to slowly decrease the discount as Early Access went on, so now that the first Early Access update is complete, I'll be taking the first step on that path on Monday September 25 and the 50% discount off of all Miranda Editions will be changed to 40%.

If you've been wanting to check out Miranda, and also want to save a few dollars, you might want to pick up one of the revised packages this weekend. and the store pages will be updated with these package changes soon.

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