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Exorcising AWS
By Robert Basler on 2021-06-05 17:48:59
Homepage: email:one at onemanmmo dot com

There is a new build of The Imperial Realm::Miranda available today: Players will need to download and run miranda_setup.exe to update the game.

[40% smaller tanks in the desert.]

This build has a number of changes:

  • Reduced size of 3D model data 40%.
  • Upgrade to Visual Studio 2019 and Universal runtime.
  • Many library upgrades.
  • 56 bugfixes and additions.

A big reason for putting out a new build of the game was to remove all use of Amazon Web Services (AWS.) AWS is great if you're a funded company worried about scaling. But if you don't fit that description it has one potentially fatal problem: AWS doesn't have any way to cap your billing if someone decides to attack you (or you mess up.) Spend a little time on the web and you can find lots of testimonials from AWS customers who have been surprised with life-destroying invoices. In a lot of cases Amazon has forgiven these charges, but that is not always the case. Amazon does have the ability to notify you by email if your account has spent more than a set threshold, but if you're asleep or just don't check your email you can still accrue thousands of dollars in charges every hour. I have been wanting to eliminate Miranda's use of AWS for a while.

Moving Miranda's services from AWS to a new server showed up problems in the launcher and the way the game does service configuration. I worked all those problems out before starting the server upgrade last week, unfortunately a tricky bug that only showed up when the server software was run on the server hardware prevented the upgrade from being completed until today.

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